Kanji Tamago Shochukyu - Pre-Intermediate - (New Edition) - A2-B1 (Dekiru Nihongo Series)

EAN: 9784867460238

ISBN: 978-4-86746-023-8 // ISBN: 9784867460238
Año de edición: 2024
Editorial: Bonjinsha Co.LTD
Número de páginas: 191
Idioma: japonés
País de origen: Japón

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Segunda edición del tomo 2 de la serie Kanji Tamago. Como el libro está escrito únicamente en japonés sin inglés, se recomienda su uso con la asistencia de un profesor o como complemento de la serie de libros de texto "Dekiru Nihongo"

Descripción del libro ofrecida por la editorial en inglés:

Composition and Application of this Book

◆ Characters included in this book The book Kanji Tamago Pre-intermediate Level includes 164 characters, while the Elementary Level includes 162 characters. Together with Kanji Tamago Elementary and Pre-intermediate Level, it covers the characters required for passing levels N5 and N4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. The characters included in each section are divided into the following three categories. “ 提て い 出しゅつ 漢か ん 字じ Featured characters”: Learners will study the reading and writing of each character. “ 読よ める Characters for reading”: Learners will only study the meaning and reading of each character. The characters included in this category will reappear in later sections as “ 提て い 出しゅつ 漢か ん 字じ Featured characters.” “ 見み て、わかる Characters for recognition”: Learners will gain knowledge of the meaning of each character as a sign, but will not have to study its reading and writing. With some exceptions, the characters included in this category will reappear in later sections as “ 提て い 出しゅつ 漢か ん 字じ Featured characters.”

◆ Composition of the book (1) Sections 1 through 15, “ 漢か ん 字じ のパーツ The components of characters” (2) “ 楽た の しく覚お ぼ えよう1/2/3/ 4 Enjoy studying 1/2/3/4”: a segment that introduces the components (structural elements) of characters, phono-semantic compound characters, and mnemonic methods. (3) “ 読よ み方か た に気き をつけよう1/2 Be careful with reading 1/2”: “1” is a practice reading test in which learners tend to make mistakes. “2” explains the rules of sound change. (4) “ もう少す こ しやってみよう Let’s study some more”: a collection of questions that help learners review the contents of sections 1 through 15 and the components of characters.

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Kanji Tamago Shokyu - Begginer del Dekiru Nihongo (Incluye CD)
Kanji Tamago Shokyu - Begginer del Dekiru Nihongo (Incluye CD)

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