Japan's World Heritage Sites - Unique Culture, Unique Nature

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ISBN: 978-4-8053-1475-3 // ISBN: 9784805314753
Año de edición: 2019
Editorial: Tuttle
Número de páginas: 208
Idioma: inglés
País de origen: Japón

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Japan's World Heritage Sites es un libro que recorre todos los lugares de Japón que han sido declarados patrimonios de la humanidad por la UNESCO. El autor John Dougill hace un recorrido por templos, jardines y castillos japoneses explicando su historia y las razones que han convertido cada uno de los lugares en sitios de interés. 

El libro se presenta en tapa dura con sobrecubierta, papel de alta calidad y contiene fotografías a color de todos los lugares que se describen. 

Japan's World Heritage Sites es un libro perfecto para todos aquellos que tengan interés por Japón y su cultura y quieran descubrir nuevos lugares de interés cultural y turístico. 

Descripción de la editorial

Japan's World Heritage Sites presents the exquisite temples, shrines, gardens, castles and natural wonders found throughout Japan which have now been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This new edition has more convenient size and includes many newly-designated UNESCO sites including:

  • Christian Sites in Nagasaki that tell the extraordinary story of Japan's Christians who continued to practice their faith in secret under penalty of death during Japan's feudal era
  • Meiji Industrial Sites which tell of the nation's rapid modernization during the Meiji period
  • The Munakata Shrine to seafaring deities on a forbidding island
  • The Tomioka Silk Mill which became a leader in Japan's export drive
  • The National Museum of Western Art, an architectural gem designed by Le Corbusier

Japan expert John Dougill personally traveled to each of these sites to research this book. He tells how his journey led him from the sub-Arctic island of Hokkaido to the sub-tropical islands of the Okinawan archipelago and beyond. Tag along as he describes each place in loving detail and talks about its special historical and cultural features, including: 

  • Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest and most sacred volcano. Located on Honshu Island near Tokyo, Mt. Fuji is considered the sacred center of Japan.
  • Himeji Castle, a monument from Japan's long feudal history. Also known as Egret Castle, because it looks like a bird taking off in flight.
  • Horu-ji Temple, the world's oldest surviving wooden structure—a center of Buddhist learning that still serves as a seminary and monastery
  • The Hiroshima Peace Memorial or Atomic-Bomb Dome—one of the few structures to partially survive the atomic blast in 1945
  • The Ogasawara Islands, a remote archipelago of over 30 islands including Iwo Jima, that is home to rare wildlife and spectacular scenery.

Readers will learn how Japan became involved with the World Heritage Sites program back in 1993, the importance of these designations, and their popularity in Japan and abroad today. Whether you are planning to travel to Japan or just enjoy learning more about this history of this unique land, Japan's World Heritage Sites is sure to inspire.

About the Author:
John Dougill is a professor at Ryukoku University in Kyoto. He has authored fourteen Japanese college textbooks as well as Kyoto: A Cultural Guide, In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians and Zen Gardens and Temples of Kyoto.

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